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New Owner FAQ

Heritage Village New Owner FAQ's

Dear New Heritage Village Owner 

  • Mailbox Key:  If your previous owner did not leave the mailbox key please call the post office at 561-841-1920 and notify them that you need a key. The post office is located at 1905 Blue Heron Blvd. West, Riviera Beach, Florida 33404. This is just east of 95.
  • Address numbers on fence & name plates:  The fence name plates and address signs are optional. You can purchase & replace the old name plate. It must be wooden and of the same general type as the rest of the address signs in the community. 
  • Villages park pass & Heritage Village pool key:  Please review the web site for a descrption of the Villages POA Park Sites. The link is here. Visit a community park for the procedures on how to obtain a recreation pass. You will need a current copy of your deed and valid identification. The Heritage Village Cabana cannot be reserved for parties. Your previous Owner or Landlord has to provide you with a key to the pool. Should they not have a key you need to replace a lost key and contact Heritage Village HOA. You will be required to pay $50 for an additional key.
  •  Garbage and trash: All garbage and trash from your townhouse unit shall be deposited carefully into the dumpster. Also use the appropriate recycling container for your paper and plastic. All garbage and trash placed into the dumpster shall be in plastic bags securely tied. No littering shall be done or is permitted within our community. Disposal for large items such as mattresses, furniture, appliances and TV's is to be disposed of by the unit owner or lessee. Do not leave these items at the dumpsters as this costs the community association money to have them removed. You can call Faith Farm to schedule pickup of these type of items. You can also arrange for a fee, removal of these items with the City of West Palm Beach. All charges will be paid by the homeowner or lessee. Anyone caught dumping large items will be subject to a fine. 
  • HOA monthly maintenance fees: The monthly maintenance fees are due on the first (1st) of the month. All owners share in the common expenses of the association. 
  • Exterior alterations and/or outside repairs: The fences, roofs, and exterior walls on your townhome are common area property. As such, any alteration needs approval from the Heritage Village Board of Directors. You cannot alter, paint, modify, or pressure clean the exterior walls of your unit without written permission from the Heritage Village Board of Directors. An Architectural Change Form will be needed and filled out for these type of changes. This form needs to be sent to the Board of Directors for approval prior to any work being completed. The form is located here. Changing or adding screen enclosures, storm shutters, fence lights or new carriage outside lights are examples of changes to your townhome. Please mail & submit in writing any additional questions regarding outside changes to the Board of Directors.  

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