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Heritage Village of Palm Beach Lakes

Our community association is led by owner volunteers just like you.
Board members are unpaid volunteers serving their community. The board is elected by the members and runs the association based on the CCRs, Bylaws and Rules & Regulations. Members may make suggestions, but may not vote on every decision. This approach operates much like your elected government representatives. Any member in good standing may run for the board.

Every owner shares responsibility in the association and for common property.
A community association is a legal entity attached to your property deed. When you bought a home here, you became a legal member and agreed to abide by the association's covenants and rules. All owners share in the common expenses of the association. Any association work must be done by owner volunteers or hired out and paid for by all members.

Heritage Village frequently asked questions:

Heritage Village Pool Key: The site pool is open from dawn to dusk. The pool may not be reserved for parties. Your previous Owner or Landlord has to provide you with a key to the pool. Should you need to replace a lost key or reserve the Pool House, contact Heritage Village HOA. You will be required to pay $50 for an additional key.

Heritage Village Exterior Alterations: The fences, roofs and exterior surfaces of the townhouse buildings are common property and may not be altered without prior written approval from the Association. Should you wish to make a modification please fill out the attached ACC form (download from documents tab) and give to MMI for approval. Please allow several weeks for approval.

Heritage Village Maintenance Dues: Maintenance dues are due on the 1st of the month and should be mailed to Royal Crown Management, 224 Datura Street, Suite 713, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. Tel: 561 202-2727. Please include your account number on the memo line.

Heritage Village Outside Building Lights: It is each owner’s responsibility to provide electricity to the outside building lights on the brick walls under the mansard roof. Even when you are away or the unit is unoccupied. The Association is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the exterior light fixtures on the buildings. These are your security lights - keep the power on.

Heritage Village Pets: Residents are allowed to keep one pet (dog or cat)under 30 lbs. All pets must be on a leash when on common property. Owners MUST clean up after their pets. Pets are not allowed in the pool area or in the playgrounds.

Heritage Village Parking: Each townhome has two assigned parking spaces. Guest spaces are for daily guests only. Park only in your assigned spaces. Resident Parking is by permit only. Residents may have two permits only. Repair of vehicles on the property is not allowed. Motorcycles, Commercial vehicles, Trucks and trailers are prohibited.

Villages Recreational Parks: To obtain a pool key or pass to the tennis courts stop in at any one of the three Park Offices. You will be required to show a driver’s license and pay a fee of $25.00.

Heritage Village Mailbox Keys: Contact the Post Office at 561-841-7873 for your key or an additional key. The prior unit owner should provide you with a mailbox key.

Heritage Village Trash Disposal: All garbage and trash must be tightly bagged and placed in the dumpsters. Disposal of large items must be arranged by the unit owner. Please DO NOT drop large items at the dumpster. This costs you and your neighbor’s additional expense to our community budget.

Heritage Village Association Documents: When you purchase your home the previous owner should provide you with a set of documents. Documents are available on line under the documents tab.

Heritage Village Lease or Sale of a Townhome: Any sale or lease of your townhome requires the prior written consent of the Association. You may download and fill out the forms located on the documents tab and submit to Heritage Village HOA for approval. Please allow several weeks for approval. All dues must be paid in full and there may not be outstanding violations.

Heritage Village Property Management:

Royal Crown Management

224 Datura Street, Suite 713

West Palm Beach, FL 33401

561 202-2727

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