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August Newsletter

The Heritage Village August Newsletter

This news letter was hand delivered sometime during last week. The entire community did not get this newsletter delivered as I was told there were not enough copies. I myself did not receive a copy and it appears that the areas on 77th and 80th did not get a copy delivered for some reason. This is in it's original form. I am posting this in case you did not get a copy.  I have made some comments on this version and it is located here. Here is the current fact sheet from SFWM - South Florida Water Management. If you feel you need to comment please use the Facebook page for Heritage Village. The link is located on the home page. Thank-you for your continued support.

UPDATE - 9-17-2011

It appears that the newletter has now been hand delivered throughout the neighborhood. 


It would be in the best interest of the current HOA BOD to critique any newletter for content prior to delivery to the homeowners. 

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