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HV Maintenance

Heritage Village Maintenance

All outside work including outside painting, fence staining, and shed building need authorization from the Heritage Village Home Owners Association. (Article 4, Paragraph 10) Use this form to submit for any work that is to be completed .  Send the form to the Heritage Village Board of Directors. Outside work includes any architectural adjustments to all aspects of the outside appearance. Please adhere to the painting and staining scheme when working on the outside of your town home and submit your form to the Heritage Village Board of Directors for authorization. By maintaining the community to the specifications, we can enjoy a clean look to our entire community. 

PDF FormArchitectural Change Form

Exterior Door Paint

Behr Premium Plus Semi Gloss #5050 / Navajo White P-122 #270 Flat

Behr is available @ Home Depot.

Front Door Colorant
Colorantoz 48 96
AX Perm Yellow 0 1 1
L Raw Umber 0 28 0
T Medium Yellow 0 9 0

Exterior Wall Paint Color

Behr Premium Plus #4050 Exterior Flat

Behr is available @ Home Depot.

Wall Paint Colorant
Colorantoz 48 96
Lamp Black0 18 1
Yellow Oxide 1 10 0
Brown Oxide 0 13 1

Exterior Railing Paint

Benjamin Moore Iron Clad ALKYD Metal & Wood Enamel

Railing Paint Specification
Deep Bronze#C163 62 Quart Size Red Can

Benjamin Moore paint is available @ Benjamin Moore Dealers.
You can find dealers on the Benjamin Moore Web Site updated

As a work around, Loew's Home Improvement stores sells "Rust-Oleum Hammered" color: "Dark Bronze #7218" and is available in the paint department. This spray paint is a close copy to the original bronze and I have used this successfully on my rolling screen doors to improve their looks. See the below section on "Screen Roller Specifications" for replacement wheels.

Screen Rollers Specification

For anyone trying to repair their existing rolling screens on their sliding glass doors, here is where you can get the replacement wheels. Loews Home Improvement has these in stock. The wheels are actually called "Tub Enclosure Sliding Door Rollers" and are located in the Loews hardware department.

The number on the wheels is M-6151 and they are manufactured by "Prime-Line Products." The wheels themselves are white teflon, 3/4" and come four (4) to a package at about $3.71.

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